Seeing “family”

Today I saw the people that adopted me. It’s been about 3 years since I last saw them or talked to them. Prior to that about 8 years. I should be able to call them mom and dad…
But I’ve never really been apart of that family. So I don’t feel like its their right to be called that. It’s been a stressful day so far and it’s only 11:38AM.
I’ve only ever asked for their help once in my life and that turned into a disaster. Another 3 years of isolation, enduring and lonely holidays. I’m rather too independent but my issue has required conversing with them.
I could see in his eyes some sort of care. Though I still look to find a reason to believe.
I just left seeing my parents. Made the effort to hug both of them but they didn’t seem like they wanted to make the effort themselves.
Uh well… 😦