You don’t know how alone I feel when talking to you…


Rust anyone?


I love my good ol’ metallic deposits when eating out. 

Here’s a sifter with rust that is used sift people’s flour with at the lovely establishment I’m currently at. 

So I saw this and went to throw it away but stopped to ask my “boss” if we’re keeping this. 

He said he asked his boss and they said to keep it despite it being a serious violation. 

Management = Fucktards

The ladies bike (Update 2)

So with everything I’ve done from the carbs, fuel pump, battery, rebuilds of master/slave cylinders, petcock to the small electrical repairs I’ve done. It’s obvious that the biggest thing wrong with her bike was the wiring harness (loom) which is 29 years old and brittle as hell. 

I found some cheap but they did not look good at all. 

Then I found one for $45 that looked okay. I’m ordering it this week and I believe this is the last thing her bike needs now except for some tires. 

But I did finally get to turn the motor over!!! Which sounded good. 

The ladies bike (update 1)

Did the carbs and made the substitute for the petcock since it wasn’t one you could rebuild. 

Started to clean the tank and this was after several rinses with rust remover. Then finally after working on it, practically all the big/major rust was gone

Had to take exhaust off, loosen the front peg and take the cover off to get to the slave cylinder for the clutch. 

Rebuilt slave and master cylinders. Although it looks like we need another master cylinder for the clutch. Still leaks after rebuild. 

Cleaned the air box, air filters and compartments. Cleaned whatever else we could without dunking the bike in a pool. Good ol’ Texas dirt!

Will be updating more. Ordering brake caliper rebuild kits and both master cylinder rebuild kits. New tires and more brake pads. Gonna do an oil change and flush the cooling system and replace fluids. 


Oh and I love it! Seeing how fucking stupid people are…

Real genius put the tires on backwards! 

How much more obvious can it be which way the tire goes with a big arrow pointing in the direction it goes!

I mean you have to of known that the arrow and words indicate the direction,right?

Why can’t anyone just talk?

Why is it anytime you bring up something that defies what others think, they abandon all and that’s it…. 
Kinda like my friends… 

And….. it’s 1:53am now. Original message sent 12-13-2016 @ 3:18pm he was “active” 4 hours ago. 

For those just joining on what these emblems represent which are from several organizations around the world. Is a flat earth map. Not a spherical globe map as the US Marines emblem has. 

But what I don’t understand is what everyone has a problem with when it comes to ‘possibilities’ and actually discussing it. 
Why is it that people really don’t care about the world and the truth. Facts, what’s right in front of them, the really smart people out there who understand what you don’t. Why do people ignorantly push these things away. 

The majority don’t care and ask the dumbest questions like, “what does it matter to me and how would it effect me?”

Or better…

“Where is your proof?!?”

Well the PROOF is right in front of you every day. You just need to open your eyes. Change your perspective and stop listening to those who believe “gravity” explains everything and makes it blatantly  obvious earth is a globe running under the laws of gravity. 

Start looking at the horizon and understand you could see New York from California if it weren’t for moisture in the air. 

Go to a high point and look at a sun set and see if the earth is curving. 

Flat? ^^^^ :/ apparently pictures without a fish eye lens aren’t enough for most. You want this…

Relationship issues

She knows there are so many reasons why this might not work, so instead of paying attention to the one reason why it will, she focuses on the ways it won’t. It’s called self-preservation, and it’s all she knows.
She listens to love songs and she lets them pass through her and she wants them to be her life. But she can’t. 

She wants to be that sickeningly happy. 

New steel stallion mini & accident update

I started ordering parts because everyone I was buying bikes from flaked out and just pissed me off. 

People, especially when given money for a product, should understand business as business. Not being a dumbass and try to haggle once a deals been made and transfer of money to seller from buyer… in person. 

So I’ll be building this bike over the winter. Then start back on my zx9r I am building. 

I’m doing well after my accident. It has been a year now since the day I died in that ditch. I am not the same man, but considering, I’m doing rather well physically. 

Still, fuck all you who said they were there for me and just bailed. 

eBay gift cards and refunds.

To all those who will end up using eBay gift cards, especially for the holidays or birthdays. Beware if your seller decides to refund you for the purchase. 

It would appear as eBay and PayPal have separated from each other, it is now a lotto/gamble if you get your refund and don’t expect help without a real struggle. Unless you’re a lucky one!

Now don’t blame the seller! It’s not their fault, it’s eBay’s AND PayPals fault for their own system/human fuck up…. ugh, Major fuck up. 

Think about all the money eBay is making from this happening. There are thousands of people out there that have complained about the same problem. Yet there’s no one to really help you unless you struggle for it, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get a refund. 

Take note of the sellers dated message stating that I was refunded. But there’s nothing for the 28th on my PayPal account. It is funny how no one knows where my money went. This is the third time in almost a two month period. So I am out some of this fake Monopoly money I worked hard for that the people in the matrix call a dollar bill but is really this fictitious thing called a “Note.”

Here’s what a refund for an eBay gift card looks like in PayPal. So imagine, $29.00 x 1,000 is $29,000 and that’s a low amount to use as an example because lots of people are using gift cards with $100-$500 on them. $100 x 1,000 is $100,000.00