The ladies bike- Update 3

Today I finally swapped the wiring harness (loom) on the ladies bike. Got her cranked up and running. 

No oil leaks that I saw except the grommets for the wires on the stator cover. Minor, especially since it’s a low compression area. 

So it was music to my ears. Unfortunately I got to take the carbs back off and see if something made its way back into the jets.

I still have to bleed the slave cylinder for the clutch, Take off one of my exhaust pipes to put the big cover for the slave cylinder back on. So when I do that I’ll be replacing the exhaust gaskets too. 

It needs tires but I’ll see what’s left in them. Going to hardwire the headlight and make new wire harness for the turn signals since she wants the original ones. Needs an oil change, got the filter and need the oil. Just wanted to crank it before doing so. 

Will keep posting as progress comes. 


The ladies bike (Update 2)

So with everything I’ve done from the carbs, fuel pump, battery, rebuilds of master/slave cylinders, petcock to the small electrical repairs I’ve done. It’s obvious that the biggest thing wrong with her bike was the wiring harness (loom) which is 29 years old and brittle as hell. 

I found some cheap but they did not look good at all. 

Then I found one for $45 that looked okay. I’m ordering it this week and I believe this is the last thing her bike needs now except for some tires. 

But I did finally get to turn the motor over!!! Which sounded good. 

The ladies bike (update 1)

Did the carbs and made the substitute for the petcock since it wasn’t one you could rebuild. 

Started to clean the tank and this was after several rinses with rust remover. Then finally after working on it, practically all the big/major rust was gone

Had to take exhaust off, loosen the front peg and take the cover off to get to the slave cylinder for the clutch. 

Rebuilt slave and master cylinders. Although it looks like we need another master cylinder for the clutch. Still leaks after rebuild. 

Cleaned the air box, air filters and compartments. Cleaned whatever else we could without dunking the bike in a pool. Good ol’ Texas dirt!

Will be updating more. Ordering brake caliper rebuild kits and both master cylinder rebuild kits. New tires and more brake pads. Gonna do an oil change and flush the cooling system and replace fluids. 


Oh and I love it! Seeing how fucking stupid people are…

Real genius put the tires on backwards! 

How much more obvious can it be which way the tire goes with a big arrow pointing in the direction it goes!

I mean you have to of known that the arrow and words indicate the direction,right?

Relationship issues

She knows there are so many reasons why this might not work, so instead of paying attention to the one reason why it will, she focuses on the ways it won’t. It’s called self-preservation, and it’s all she knows.
She listens to love songs and she lets them pass through her and she wants them to be her life. But she can’t. 

She wants to be that sickeningly happy. 

A thief in Florida.

Dear Florida residents, Harvey Hoobler is a thief. He stole from me in 2013 after him and his friends lied to the police I called for him and my ex stealing my dog which ended me in jail allowing Harvey to rob me of motorcycles, tools, clothes, electronics, boats and so forth. But common sense has no place in the court room… And justice is something one must find themselves.

His accomplices are janet audette, teri nolan, scott nolan, Kim cook. They’re all thieves!










At least I know I tried

Dear Amanda

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry it wasn’t me all those years ago. I’m sorry it took all these years for us to meet. I’m sorry it is difficult for me to talk about myself. I’m sorry for trying to explain. I’m sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for crying in front of you. I’m sorry for reaching out to you. I’m sorry it takes you to make things right. I’m sorry there’s such a difference between us. I’m sorry that you won’t love me again. I’m sorry for not touching your soul. I’m sorry for touching your hand when I hurt. I’m sorry for needing you. I’m sorry for not knowing quite how to say how I feel. I’m sorry that I’m not the same man after my accident. I’m sorry that I don’t live in your world. I’m sorry that I am so fucked up in the head. I’m sorry that I know I won’t ever find another like you, because there is no other like you. I’m sorry that you were the one. I’m sorry they won’t love you the way I will. I’m sorry that everything you thought I was was falling apart right in front of you.

I’m sorry that you cant see the good in me. Because I know everything i did pushed you away.

I’m not sorry for loving you. At least I can say that I tried.

Love you always…