DHD wanted to be a good neighbor…

…and check up on me again today.

Lets approach him with a psychological warfare approach.














Always keep a close eye on those who hate you. I’ve decided while I deal with this, that I’d take my images and videos of DHD and my encounters with him. And make a LOL DHD compilation to laugh at and upload to YouTube as a “vlog”. Lets try the whole, “oh dozier, you seem like your lonely and need someone to listen to your troubles…”…Tactic….

See what he says or does. And depending on what he does, I may just fuck with him about the state bending him over his fence and reaming him in the ol’ brown barker. That he has no weapons because the state took them from him for being an old senile redneck boy and messed with a federal Marshal on airport property.

Neighborhood coalition at its best.

Well I said I would and here you go!

DHD staking out on my land. Hiding in the bushes. Except I approached him this time… LMMFAO. 20141223-145516.jpg

We will start from in front of my place.

And I will merge to where he was posting up in the bush.





Now you see his truck… Posted up on the right hand side of the 5 acres in the front when you walk out.

This is what the decrepit old fart looks like. Lol



And that’s the cretin being shooed off…

Woo woo skippy mother fucker!

New security measures.

So because of DHD I’ve taken some old android and iPhones and am setting them up as IP cameras. I’ll be placing some connected to a 12v fence battery and a small solar panel about 7 acres away running off my neighbors wifi so I can view my front drive and surrounding area. I’ll be camouflaging them in a weatherproof housing I’m making for them to go in.

I will also be using a couple as just motion cameras on my front porch along side the other cameras I have.

What DHD is doing is checking to see if my motorcycle is in my yard. So I’ll move it around back. Leave him a Baggie on my porch with his name on it. Obtaining a small bottle of KY jelly, 1 condom and a rag.

Ooh boy, am I gonna have some fun with this old redneck cretin…. Set my traps and put the bait out.

The funny thing is. I have more than one bike. And he’s looking at the one parked in my front. So technically his senile old dumb ass could be thinking I’m home, but really out and about on another bike. Lmao….

The neighborhood post # 1

I started my life young. At 13 i got my tax ID and started my first business at 14, moving away from home or at least what should of been my home. I was adopted before birth and don’t know what a family is. I’ve been alone for a long time…

I knew of one person who was like a mother and that’s it. But at 24 that ended.

The neighborhood i moved into was the one i grew up in, the one those who adopted me would drop me off in, with this woman who was like my mother.
Since i was 8, I’ve known a deputy from here. A corrupt deputy, who’s in-laws live in my neighborhood.

There was a philosopher ( david henry thoreau ) who once said, “when the laws are unjust, the just are imprisoned.” And, “the best government is the government that governs the least.”

Through these posts i will tell you about my life as an expat and a POW within my own country.
It’s sad, in America those who are actually criminally insane are those who are in power.

At 14 i was expelled from school for self defense and received the same treatment i always got while growing up. Which was being the “bad guy” so they could be the good guys… Around this time of my life i was completely exiled from the family that adopted me.

I was on my own for good…

I went to an auction for my electric company and bought my first truck. Not being able to get my license obviously. Yet i had to still take care of myself and had the woman who was more a mother to me at least help with getting a tag and insurance. Driving one night i got pulled at 15 and received my first ticket. Which wouldn’t allow me to get my license til 18.

Although, since i have always been intelligent enough to find a way. I found a loop hole in the statues of my state and saw that i could get my motorcycle license. Bikes were nothing new to me and had already been riding for over a year. So i bought my first motorcycle at 15.

I had been going through ROTC and was making my way through the military as well.

I had become a POW in my own country before i was even out of ROTC by this deputy with family in my neighborhood. Being harassed by him through the years.

This neighborhood is a strange one… Dirt and greed does things to people…
You ask, how did i become a prisoner of war? Well for the general population, you wouldn’t understand as you’re too conceited and ignorant. But for vets who have come back to america and the innocent who’ve been falsely accused and imprisoned, you’re the ones who will understand.

But i will try to explain………