AwB # 5


Some people…

When you order something off eBay and the seller “ships” your package and……….

Then appears to order their own stuff with your money prior to shipping what YOU ordered. 

Makes no fucking sense. 

The ladies bike- Update 3

Today I finally swapped the wiring harness (loom) on the ladies bike. Got her cranked up and running. 

No oil leaks that I saw except the grommets for the wires on the stator cover. Minor, especially since it’s a low compression area. 

So it was music to my ears. Unfortunately I got to take the carbs back off and see if something made its way back into the jets.

I still have to bleed the slave cylinder for the clutch, Take off one of my exhaust pipes to put the big cover for the slave cylinder back on. So when I do that I’ll be replacing the exhaust gaskets too. 

It needs tires but I’ll see what’s left in them. Going to hardwire the headlight and make new wire harness for the turn signals since she wants the original ones. Needs an oil change, got the filter and need the oil. Just wanted to crank it before doing so. 

Will keep posting as progress comes. 

New steel stallion mini update 2 

Today I received a bottom end I ordered before Christmas. Got refunded about a month ago and here it is today! 

Thank you universe, as my girl says.

Props go out to Scooter Looters in Florida for a good looking bottom end. 

I will update sometime on this…

Why can’t anyone just talk?

Why is it anytime you bring up something that defies what others think, they abandon all and that’s it…. 
Kinda like my friends… 

And….. it’s 1:53am now. Original message sent 12-13-2016 @ 3:18pm he was “active” 4 hours ago. 

For those just joining on what these emblems represent which are from several organizations around the world. Is a flat earth map. Not a spherical globe map as the US Marines emblem has. 

But what I don’t understand is what everyone has a problem with when it comes to ‘possibilities’ and actually discussing it. 
Why is it that people really don’t care about the world and the truth. Facts, what’s right in front of them, the really smart people out there who understand what you don’t. Why do people ignorantly push these things away. 

The majority don’t care and ask the dumbest questions like, “what does it matter to me and how would it effect me?”

Or better…

“Where is your proof?!?”

Well the PROOF is right in front of you every day. You just need to open your eyes. Change your perspective and stop listening to those who believe “gravity” explains everything and makes it blatantly  obvious earth is a globe running under the laws of gravity. 

Start looking at the horizon and understand you could see New York from California if it weren’t for moisture in the air. 

Go to a high point and look at a sun set and see if the earth is curving. 

Flat? ^^^^ :/ apparently pictures without a fish eye lens aren’t enough for most. You want this…

Worms 2: Armageddon 

Worms 2: Armageddon for any platform happens to be one of my all time favorite. 

I have the worms games on different platforms but always preferred worms 2: Armageddon on the Xbox 360. I love the controller and the way the thumbsticks somehow work differently than the PS3 joysticks. I have had both systems playing at the same time and it was different when I was using the rope. Other than that nothing else that I can remember. 

I have most of the dlc for it and on the battlepack you have the body count. Where waves of worms come at you. No time limit except for each turns length. It can vary from time to time for me on how they will be in body count. I have put many hours, days, weeks, years in a futile game that I somehow seem to enjoy. 

I know there is so much to expect from a game until you learn it and then the computer becomes predictable. Then you know what that means. 

Did I break it video (Click here)
But tonight, for some reason I had to ask my girl if she did an update or something. You know how your phone learns about you? Your likes, dislikes, usual lingo and sometimes wants to know you too much. Like Instagram…

Anyway, tonight it was like worms was learning what I have been doing. Which is something I’ll update on later. But about everyday I play a few rounds of body count to try something specific and intentional. Whether I can break the game or not is my experiment. 

Which I’ll post later. 

And on that note…