You don’t know how alone I feel when talking to you…


Rust anyone?


I love my good ol’ metallic deposits when eating out. 

Here’s a sifter with rust that is used sift people’s flour with at the lovely establishment I’m currently at. 

So I saw this and went to throw it away but stopped to ask my “boss” if we’re keeping this. 

He said he asked his boss and they said to keep it despite it being a serious violation. 

Management = Fucktards

The ladies bike (Update 2)

So with everything I’ve done from the carbs, fuel pump, battery, rebuilds of master/slave cylinders, petcock to the small electrical repairs I’ve done. It’s obvious that the biggest thing wrong with her bike was the wiring harness (loom) which is 29 years old and brittle as hell. 

I found some cheap but they did not look good at all. 

Then I found one for $45 that looked okay. I’m ordering it this week and I believe this is the last thing her bike needs now except for some tires. 

But I did finally get to turn the motor over!!! Which sounded good.