Why can’t anyone just talk?

Why is it anytime you bring up something that defies what others think, they abandon all and that’s it…. 
Kinda like my friends… 

And….. it’s 1:53am now. Original message sent 12-13-2016 @ 3:18pm he was “active” 4 hours ago. 

For those just joining on what these emblems represent which are from several organizations around the world. Is a flat earth map. Not a spherical globe map as the US Marines emblem has. 

But what I don’t understand is what everyone has a problem with when it comes to ‘possibilities’ and actually discussing it. 
Why is it that people really don’t care about the world and the truth. Facts, what’s right in front of them, the really smart people out there who understand what you don’t. Why do people ignorantly push these things away. 

The majority don’t care and ask the dumbest questions like, “what does it matter to me and how would it effect me?”

Or better…

“Where is your proof?!?”

Well the PROOF is right in front of you every day. You just need to open your eyes. Change your perspective and stop listening to those who believe “gravity” explains everything and makes it blatantly  obvious earth is a globe running under the laws of gravity. 

Start looking at the horizon and understand you could see New York from California if it weren’t for moisture in the air. 

Go to a high point and look at a sun set and see if the earth is curving. 

Flat? ^^^^ :/ apparently pictures without a fish eye lens aren’t enough for most. You want this…


25 thoughts on “Why can’t anyone just talk?

      • How’s this?
        Gravity can’t bend a laser to adjust for the curvature of the earth. The laser could be the judge if you were to use one in an experiment.


      • Your best bet would be to find a calm flat lake with a large number of miles across and using a laser pointer with a high enough intensity for the experiment.

        Fuck the math all it takes is for Steven hawking to say, “Hmmm… this equation of 2+2 could equal 5 if you do it this way…”


      • You don’t need to call on gravity for such an experiment. You are trying to test curvature, not gravitational fields. Is that so?


      • The experiment is for curvature. I was just stating that not even this thing called gravity that allegedly holds waters at the equator of a spinning globe couldn’t explain away anything for a laser reaching its mark.
        This almighty thing people will simply drop something to prove gravity, which in return in their minds proves earth is a globe spinning.
        I was being a smartass. My bad.
        In all honesty I would take gravity out of the whole equation of life. But that’s me.


      • Where hasn’t it?
        If the world isn’t what you were taught, wouldn’t you want to know the truth about this beautiful place? Even more so, why they kept it a secret!


      • Sure, all of those things actually never work off of spherical trigonometry. Radar, missiles, airplanes instruments, the suns rays, being able to see 60 miles across lakes… all give the notion that earth doesn’t curve.

        You sound new to the topic. Are you? Look up gyroscopes that are used in airplane instruments.

        Don’t listen to me, do your own research.


      • The aspect I am most interested in is why people believe things. The most bizarre beliefs ask the question ‘why’ more loudly.


      • What are you referring to as bizarre? The fact that when someone looks at the horizon from any altitude, that it never curves? Or that people listen to a company called NASA that’s monopolized the knowledge of earth?

        Personally I’ll go with what my eyes see vs the math and pictures someone else provided in order to convince me.

        The Bible says we’re underwater. Not being religious but when looking at planets like Venus it would appear that some kinda of fluid is between the viewer and the so called “planet” called Venus.

        Actually all planets look like water crystals as you would see here on earth from a microscope.

        Sounds like you need to do some studying.

        Question: if we’re so bizarre or people think this is blasphemy. Then why, I mean why on gods green earth would presidents, mayors, governors and politicians get so butthole hurt and try to discredit the possibility of earth being flat. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t make public announcements mocking the earth. They wouldn’t keep you from sailing or flying around Antarctica and they definitely wouldn’t of visited the Antarctica the last two years to finally add more restrictions to the Antarctica treaty.


      • What I find most interesting is how butthole the general public is when something “bizarre” like this pops up. Couldn’t be that people are so closed off and that ignorant that they can’t just simply look at the facts and not blindly go by simply what one person says.

        Because that’s exactly what the public is doing and has been since the navy tried blowing up the sky in operation high jump.

        Then NASA was put into affect with nazi scientists. Hmmm.

        Sounds like WW2 never ended if you do your history homework.


      • Beliefs…. look at how NASA has depicted earth through the years. The size differences between the continents throughout the years.

        I believe the most bizarre thing is that the general public doesn’t ask ‘why’ louder as to why NASA changes the way the earth looks so much.

        Then I wonder why they don’t ask ‘why’ are you not giving us real footage of earth that isn’t compiled of multiple images to make one.

        Why would NASA need to add clouds to pictures of earth?

        Why would NASA need to use a fish eye lens to take pictures of earth?

        Why would NASA need to say the Apollo missions went to space, but didn’t?

        Why would NASA need to figure out how to send people safely through the van Allen belt before leaving low earth orbit, if the Apollo missions were a success?!?!


      • Did you give up? If you do you history homework, then you would see how all the “why?” And “what’s wrong with it?” Questions should be answered. Personally I don’t like being spoon fed bs. But that’s just me.

        I presume you would know a thing or two about teaching false facts and come to find out you could of done more to observe, study and converse about the how’s, why’s and what ifs.

        As a teacher, I assume you are, you should be encouraging those around you to question everything.

        It’s only when someone comprehends and understands what another doesn’t are they considered wrong. Because it defies logic to the other people who sadly just don’t see or understand.

        If the world happens to be flat and for 500 years they wanted you to believe otherwise. What is not wrong about that? Especially when 500 years ago they didn’t have the technology to determine the findings they’ve claimed and have been slowly introduced into society over time.

        When 4,000 years prior, it was flat. People circumnavigated the continents and saw straight from their eye that a wall 150′ high, 50’000 or more miles long with no inlet. Then returning to the same point of departure, almost as if they’d gone in a circle on a flat plane. Not around a globe with a circumference of 25k miles. And definitely not around a continent called Antarctica with a circumference of 14k miles.


  1. Proof, not a “picture” of earth from NASA with a fish eye lens. I want real proof as the trigonometry and other mathematical theories do not support a spherical earth.


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