eBay gift cards and refunds.

To all those who will end up using eBay gift cards, especially for the holidays or birthdays. Beware if your seller decides to refund you for the purchase. 

It would appear as eBay and PayPal have separated from each other, it is now a lotto/gamble if you get your refund and don’t expect help without a real struggle. Unless you’re a lucky one!

Now don’t blame the seller! It’s not their fault, it’s eBay’s AND PayPals fault for their own system/human fuck up…. ugh, Major fuck up. 

Think about all the money eBay is making from this happening. There are thousands of people out there that have complained about the same problem. Yet there’s no one to really help you unless you struggle for it, and even then you’re not guaranteed to get a refund. 

Take note of the sellers dated message stating that I was refunded. But there’s nothing for the 28th on my PayPal account. It is funny how no one knows where my money went. This is the third time in almost a two month period. So I am out some of this fake Monopoly money I worked hard for that the people in the matrix call a dollar bill but is really this fictitious thing called a “Note.”

Here’s what a refund for an eBay gift card looks like in PayPal. So imagine, $29.00 x 1,000 is $29,000 and that’s a low amount to use as an example because lots of people are using gift cards with $100-$500 on them. $100 x 1,000 is $100,000.00