Lubbock Texas police

This lovey man claims to be a Lubbock Texas police man/civil SERVANT. Texans watch out for him in his personal vehicle pulling people over with a halfass uniform that anyone could buy, a shady looking badge and a gun on his hip. 

  • He threatened me when I approached him about his personal vehicle he’s using as an “official” police vehicle. There are no marks whatsoever and the only thing that identifies him is policelights anyonecan but off the internet for $60.00

Flat earth 

So can someone tell me why facts are so hard to believe over the bullshit in school? 

It can’t be that you’re so butt hurt that your life is garbage and a total lie, is it? That can’t be why people get so defensive when it comes to facts. Like the earth being flat or WW2 never ending and living in a fascist country called America. 

Let’s be realistic. 

Lasers, gyroscopes, the human eye, sun & moon, not being able to see stars from a window of a plane at night, aircraft instruments, eclipses and so much more prove the earth is not a ball. 

A circle is different than a ball. 

But what if the earth is really the lost city of Atlantis. 

That would explain why “lost city of Atlantis” is found worldwide. 

We’re not talking about the Columbus days, we’re talking about before then. Our true ancestors. 

NASA admits that all footage of earth is doctored. Fake! That we really don’t know what earth looks like. And that we can’t make it past the van Allen belt (the firmament) with humans because it’ll kill us. 

But they want people to believe all the Apollo missions that went past  the van Allen belt indeed actually make it there AND back unscathed. 

The world has been deceived. This is not just America. 

Worms 2: Armageddon 

Worms 2: Armageddon for any platform happens to be one of my all time favorite. 

I have the worms games on different platforms but always preferred worms 2: Armageddon on the Xbox 360. I love the controller and the way the thumbsticks somehow work differently than the PS3 joysticks. I have had both systems playing at the same time and it was different when I was using the rope. Other than that nothing else that I can remember. 

I have most of the dlc for it and on the battlepack you have the body count. Where waves of worms come at you. No time limit except for each turns length. It can vary from time to time for me on how they will be in body count. I have put many hours, days, weeks, years in a futile game that I somehow seem to enjoy. 

I know there is so much to expect from a game until you learn it and then the computer becomes predictable. Then you know what that means. 

Did I break it video (Click here)
But tonight, for some reason I had to ask my girl if she did an update or something. You know how your phone learns about you? Your likes, dislikes, usual lingo and sometimes wants to know you too much. Like Instagram…

Anyway, tonight it was like worms was learning what I have been doing. Which is something I’ll update on later. But about everyday I play a few rounds of body count to try something specific and intentional. Whether I can break the game or not is my experiment. 

Which I’ll post later. 

And on that note…