SHC Rehabilitation and nursing home

12-7-15@ 623pm:
.My first time being in a nursing home. This morning I was woke up at 440am for blood pressure check. Why can’t they wait until later and let me sleep! I hate this place,  these people… disgusted to be considered human. These nurses and cna’s… they don’t give a fuck about us, our interest/well being is not in their hands. They’re all here for a god damn paycheck. Its 602am and as far as they’re concerned,  I’m still laying in my piss after my nurse walking in on me pissing in my little urinal and it slipping as she walked in on me. She said she’d get the cna…

Well wouldn’t the humane thing to do is help me out of my bed and into clean pants? But no, my crippled mother fucking ass has to get out of bed myself and into my wheelchair. A broke leg, arm and neck… they stand at the door bullshitting while people need them. For hours!  They disappear when you need meds. They’ll get a cup of water for a random visitor while you’re sitting there waiting for pain meds. Talk about,  “nigga this,  nigga that, my slong is big and makes me a man” they talk about stupid shit when people are in need and asking for help. They only care about themselves and say it!

Not once in a week has someone offered to bathe me, help feed me or anything. I despise the world. Fuck you humans!  Ptsd, hypertension,  anxiety… Always too many people and everyone wants to act like they know/understand you, well stfu world! No one cares. Y’all are so diluted in the lies you tell yourselves every day. I cringe at the thought of being considered human because I am nothing like the world. Living in your own little world and you want “change” but don’t do anything. Then those that do, are considered “extremists,  radicals” and so forth. Scratching your head with your thumb up your ass wondering,  “well why they do that?”

Fuck you,  you piece of shits. And people wonder why I want to be left alone and just ride my bike. Because its freedom. What I thought I’d do is i’d pretend to be one of those deaf-mutes.