-Believe in yourself-

Written by xXKronicFoolXx 9/2/13 – 

Why is honor and principle so looked down at these days? Why are the few who uphold these characteristics punished and ridiculed, or ostracized? Those characteristics are few and hard to find in this era. I know I belong in an era that is long since passed on. One that our falling society will never see or know. A brutal era, yes. Yet so is this one and the ones to come. Will there ever be an end?

Created to destroy, born to be loved, yet I live as though I were unloved. I most certainly don’t feel loved, at least not by the majority. Helpless and hopeless can be an understatement sometimes.

Where shall I go in dark times when I feel so unloved? So ALONE… So hollow that if a feather scraped my inner core it’d echo.

Darkness doesn’t just thrive in the corners of our minds. Darkness is a cancer of the human heart. When all you can see is your pain perhaps then that is when you lose sight of yourself…


Rebuilding my life.

Step one of rebuilding my life yet again is over.


Been since June 19th of this year since I had my bike going. Feels good! True definition of freedom! God Damn good….

So pill head junkie wrecked Meeka and today I got her running again. Poured out about half a gallon of water from her tank yesterday. Thought I got majority of it but this evening after getting spark , I drained my fuel filter twice and no doubt I’ll have to tomorrow. Can’t wait to get three tanks of gas through her. Preferably non-ethanol. Can’t wait to finish rebuilding her!