Today I fall

Just minutes ago I was contacted by the father of the little girl I’ve been trying to help.

For over two years. Hours upon hours of my time investigating. Uncovering the truth. Helping victims.

Just to be told by the father to drop it. I’ve spent several months talking with him, filling him in and giving him evidence to help save his kid.

Life’s a bitch sometimes. One day cock of the walk, the next a feather duster.

Social networking and reality

To start, there are three ways you’re looked at. 1: How you see yourself. 2: How everyone else sees you. 3: How you really are.

Just remember that.

Now here’s a person who seems to understand certain things about our world. And I got to say, I like their angle and enthusiasm.


Chances are, I have read your post if you’ve put it up within the last 6 months. Truth be told, I’m not looking for a man, for love, or for a one night stand. I have questions though, and I’m hoping some of you have answers.
I’m not posting this to ridicule any one particular individual, nor am I posting to take your attempt to find love and crush it while you shed a tear. Neither of the above are actually my prerogative. I do have to question everyone in today’s society and wonder what the hell is the matter with them. What ever happened to traditional “dating.” Since when did we become so desperate as a population that we go to a website the community has access to and post in a “missed connection” section, hoping to attract the attention of that person we didn’t have the guts to talk to while we were out and about. When did it become normal to create a page describing what we are looking for in a woman, and require a photo in order to give a response. At what point did we exchange a social life style for social media?

The the man who titles his post “Searching for Soulmate”
You are only 21 years old. Your frontal lobe is still maturing, and don’t actually know what you are looking for in a woman. The world is not a fairy tale. It can be a cruel dark place. Maybe instead of posting ads on craigslist, you should take some initiative, get out, get a hobby, and meet someone with similar interests. You are so young, and you have your entire life ahead of you to meet someone who you want to spend the rest of forever with. Get some life experience under your belt, instead of being so in love with the idea of being in love with someone that you over look major red flags and end up getting hurt when all is said and done. Surround yourself with healthy friendships before you decide to enter a relationship and give someone 100% of everything you have.

To Mr. “HSV2… Can you relate-”
I guess I can appreciate you being up front and honest about what you have to bring to the table. It is a shame that we live in a world where not everyone is so willing to be open with what they are sharing. I have to question your judgement though, when you talk about leaving your children and moving to Anchorage. Sure, a 6 hour drive doesn’t seem so bad, but kids need both of their parents. Just because you have divorced your wife, doesn’t mean you get to divorce your kids too. Kids need a dad.

Dear Sir who is looking for “Any Single Attractive Christian Ladies.”
Perhaps the women you are looking for are busy serving their community. Maybe instead of surfing Craigslist they are feeding the hungry, clothing the needy, and caring for the sick. Perhaps you would have better luck finding the kind of woman you seem to be searching for if you powered off your computer and went to a bible study, or tried a new church. Perhaps you wouldn’t hunger for such companionship if you offered conversation to that single mom in line at the grocery store who is struggling to feed her babies, instead of deciding she isn’t worth connecting with.

“Why lie?”
You’re right! let’s be blunt! You’re a 22 year old horney punk. I would bet almost anything the adults in your life during your childhood did not make it a practice to tell you no. You are so wrapped up in instant gratification that you are going to miss a very good thing when it comes your way, all because you won’t know how to put the required effort into maintaining a relationship. If you continue to be so wrapped up in railing and bailing, you’re going to end up lonely, broken, and on back child support.

And last but certainly not least, Mr. “22m offering military marriage.”
Thank you for your service to our country. I’m saddened that the military has placed you way up in Alaska where you are more than likely lonely. I’m sorry that you find yourself reaching out for a marriage that is created for all of the wrong reasons and destined to fail.

I ask everyone reading my post this question: Why are you willing to respond to someone through email, when you aren’t brave enough to approach someone at the store and start a conversation with them. Is it because you can’t read them like you can a page? You can’t just look at them and know that they are wrapping up an ugly divorce, living in their parents’ basement, and have 2 small children they are trying to care for. What are you afraid of? Rejection? What’s the worst that could happen? Honestly, someone could say no… at least you know you tried.
Why not take a while to get to know someone before jumping into a potential “LTR.” Could you imagine what society would be like if we labeled ourselves in person like we do on CL. think about walking through Fred Meyer and seeing people with tattooed foreheads. Perhaps it would read, “Married man looking for discrete FWB” “Single, average Joe looking for LTR” “NSA FWB” “Let’s start as friends.”

I feel like real life can be scarier than the internet in a way. Shit! I’m the kind of person who will background check you 7 ways to Sunday before considering meeting with you in private. People lie. They do it all the time. and in real life, when you meet someone and just start a conversation, you have no idea what they’re really like. You have no way of knowing what their past is, what kind of situation they are coming from, and what their life goals are. Those are all things you learn when you get to know someone. Getting to know someone over time builds trust. You can’t just meet someone off the internet and *BOOM!* there is automatically trust, all because their profile says they are a particular way.

Think about the kinds of pictures you send and receive. Look at the angles they are taken from. Life is all a matter of perspective. As humans, we want people to believe we are our absolute best 100% of the time. When you’re first getting to know someone over the internet and pictures are exchanged, they are from the best angles. They make you look slim, sexy and desirable. You lose the realness of life. When you bump into someone you find attractive in public, you can’t ask them to step on a ladder so that they only see you from the upward angle that hides your double chin. They see you for the physical, realistic, 100% you. There is no denying the fact that you have love-handles, a funny tan line, or anything else you may be self conscious about.

Seriously! Get out and meet people. For real! There are a lot fewer scammers wandering around campuses, stores, bars, ect. At least you will know that they’re real people from the get go instead of hoping they aren’t web bots.
do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers


Tell me this is not a bad ass pic!


Moments like that are what motivate me to get back into stunting. I can’t wait to finish my zx7. I’ve wrecked my fare share of bikes. I’ve seen many accidents. And a lot of people don’t understand why people stunt.

For me, it’s as if the whole world comes into perspective. And a little towards the freedom. I wasn’t consulted when laws were made….

If the law cared I would have some of my bikes back, that were stolen from me. That I tracked two down to a nearby county and I received no assistance from the civil servants at hand. Man… One of those two was a ninja 250r 2009 1112 miles on it. Was putting a 60T rear sprocket on it so I could stunt with a bike I didn’t care about. And had just bought it too….


Walls at every turn

What are you to do when you thought with everything aside, all the animosity, all the regret that pride won’t let you show, all the remorse that should be there. That with these things aside and more, you thought maybe, just maybe your parents had your best interests at hand. But come to realize that your mother is nothing more than a lying bitch with a husband who stands by his deceitful wife…

You come to realize that infact this woman is building walls and obstacles to deliberately hinder you and make sure you don’t survive.

What the fuck are you to do when everyone seems to want you to fall. Is this jealousy on their behalf? Envy?

What the fuck is up with people the last 200 years. The mentality, morals and beliefs of people seem to get more and more diluted and fucked up as the years start coming and don’t stop.

Riots in America 2

Example of organization amongst them would be to at least utilize even an old Greek tactic. Where soldiers huddle up with their shields and create a wall or dome around the unit.

As the police tactics are ground and small mobile units. They’ll be face to face a lot. CQC.

Prepare yourself if you’re going into situations like this. Light, mobile, but able to withstand a punch or shot. You can purchase all types of things to modify yourself. From vests to bullet resistant face masks. Yes, like in army of two. These things do exist…

A unit like that is around $400.00 but you could fabricate your own with ingenuity and know how. You’d want to find these people with the skill sets you’re in need of. Yet still know a thing or two about the area they’re specializing in. Knowledge is power and kings perhaps forget too often that they’re too far behind the front line when the war was won by the soldiers. By the soldiers and not the king boasting over winning the war.

Everything is more beautiful because you’re doomed. You’re mortal and tomorrow could be your last.

Time lapse

Here is my front yard back in 2004. Notice the trees in the background. And we’ll go through some pics after 2004.



Now recent pics.





Now that black bike that was in my front yard. Was the second sport touring bike I had. My 3rd bike I bought. About 12 years ago at age 16/17.

It has made it’s way through my friends and is with my good buddy rich.