Riots in America

I am a soldier and that means I am judge and defendant. I am arbiter. Save your tears for the day when the pain is far behind. On your feet come with me. We are soldiers stand or die. Save your tears, take your place, save them for the judgement day. Fast and free follow me, it’s time to make the sacrifice.

The reason the riots these days are so dysfunctional and not getting anywhere is because they have no one to follow. There is no chain of command or true organization amongst them on the grand scale it is for their (the government) enemy.

What happens, is the police shooting people do these things and then call in the national guard who’s solely there to defend our country but not by those who’ve empowered them which is ‘we the people’…. Unfortunately no one sees these things.

As US soldiers we are only truly overseas to obtain strategically placed militarized posts for oil companies. When was the last time some of these countries attacked, not jus the US but any other foreign country? Hmm about 74 and later.

Does it mean one is a terrorist because they’re defending themselves or contributing to a war through command by committing genocide with a bomb. No that isn’t a terrorist. All it means is the general public is blind and ignorantly enslaved in the surely and undoubted collapse of their world. Financing their own oppression.

Take a PMO for example, a lethal unsanctioned force, one that is not authorized through police HQ. that would be considered a terrorist in the wars that are going on in and out of the US.

A petty officer 2nd class storms a building in Iraq. Shoots children and women or lets his dog attack unarmed men and women. Over oil and keeping those already in power in that status. That would be a terrorist.

The militarization of the police who aren’t properly trained and yet are given psychological warfare training half ass classes, sloppy weapons training, poorly utilized tactics. I believe it’s the DoD 1033 program that would be a good example. Grenade launchers at American schools, for “protecting” who! Not our students. Something that has apparently slipped past the majority had caused this. It didn’t just happen for no reason. It appears swallowing your pride is no longer there.

Police shootings that aren’t being reported. On both sides. You only know what the media tells you and what you want to believe. Nothing will change that unless its right in front of you. And yet you still don’t see. Lol

We’re not fighting for our survival off in another country right now. But we are here in America. No one wants to believe that the police would abuse their power. That kids used to want to be them but now fear them. That everything will soon become illegal and all charges will be felonies. This would disarm everyone as felons aren’t supposed to have weapons.

All the mass media does is swallow everything tossed at them. They know its a bluff but they do it to boost their profits. Having lost their own ability to regard their own acts of debotury with any objectivity they continually mock the foolish masses.

The real enemy is the mass media working hand and hand with the government pretending to an allowed voice to be righteous.

RESET <~ [Push to reset the world]

I wonder how long it is until some of this is black listed or I get a welfare check at home in the middle of the night.


DHD wanted to be a good neighbor…

…and check up on me again today.

Lets approach him with a psychological warfare approach.














Always keep a close eye on those who hate you. I’ve decided while I deal with this, that I’d take my images and videos of DHD and my encounters with him. And make a LOL DHD compilation to laugh at and upload to YouTube as a “vlog”. Lets try the whole, “oh dozier, you seem like your lonely and need someone to listen to your troubles…”…Tactic….

See what he says or does. And depending on what he does, I may just fuck with him about the state bending him over his fence and reaming him in the ol’ brown barker. That he has no weapons because the state took them from him for being an old senile redneck boy and messed with a federal Marshal on airport property.

Neighborhood coalition at its best.

Well I said I would and here you go!

DHD staking out on my land. Hiding in the bushes. Except I approached him this time… LMMFAO. 20141223-145516.jpg

We will start from in front of my place.

And I will merge to where he was posting up in the bush.





Now you see his truck… Posted up on the right hand side of the 5 acres in the front when you walk out.

This is what the decrepit old fart looks like. Lol



And that’s the cretin being shooed off…

Woo woo skippy mother fucker!


Even an angel of death is an angel none the less. Sometimes he’s needed. The face of good or the face of bad.

I fight for no flag, no continent. But how many battles have been won because of I.

As I am not my fathers blood. It gives me a chance to be me. I am not corralled by the image of men in my life.

I am truly my own man. No outside influences. But my glory walks hand and hand to my doom.

The warrior who has no plan to come back will fight harder. Leaving legacy.

That guy 3

Being “that guy”, the “hero”, the one who can be the face of good or the face of bad for those who rely on that mentality.

Nobody really stops and thinks about what the person has to do or go through. I’ve kicked production companies to the curb, sacrificed parts of my life, dealt with long hard hours of talking to victims, helping them cope with their situation, tracking victims down, hours and hours to years of my life invested into helping these victims and figure out how to at least change one child’s life.

Conversations with grown men on the phone crying. Dying… Coming to realization there fiancé or wife isn’t dead and that they were scammed. Conversations with family members of the con woman. Family’s tore apart over this woman’s fiascos. Lives taken, creatures killed.

Women, heed my warnings! You DON’T fuck with a mans heart and involve kids when he can’t have kids. Rip his right to love that child out of his hands and make him the bad guy because you stepped in his world………

If he tells you not to deceive him and you’re pretty sure he’s serious. Don’t FN do it! Plain and simple.

So here’s an example of recent activity as of tonight. Email to new victim as of the past two months from 12 years ago.


Darin, I apologize if you didn’t want to be bothered. And I won’t bother you after this. But if you feel like contributing it’d help.
I also don’t know If you have been apart of this in a way that could turn on you. As something’s have happened in my part of this in the past weeks. And you’ve been the only new person I’ve conversed with about this.
Either way I’ll find out and either way you’d know what I am doing. Your contribution to helping save Mariah from Ramona would be appreciated.
I have personally tracked down many of her victims. Unfortunately only a few have wanted to know the truth. Your situation is a lil different then most of her victims. From my research one of her victims killed himself over his situation. Ramona is a sociopath and has been medically labeled this by her therapist from about 8 years ago. She has killed victims animals, hurt her own animals when she was with Mariah’s father.
She is seen leaving Mariah’s school with strange men after dropping her off. She has Mariah answer her cell and refer to her mother as “Romi”. Ramona sends strange men from all over the United States pictures of Mariah, leading them to think many different things. She is scamming these men one, two and possibly three at a time. She doesn’t come home to josh some nights. And he’s living in denial that she is living a double life. That she has involved his daughter neve in her fiascos saying its her niece she’s taking care of. And much more.
I don’t want to sound like an ass but the second child and josh are a lost cause. I’ve tried to help him. Maybe he’ll see the truth this next year.
Mariah is a girl that stole my heart. That’s something I can’t undo. I’m an extremely smart man. I may of let part of this go and have given Ramona some kinda forgiveness for what she did to me and so many others. But the next man as smart as I am, may not be as forgiving. And may do something that involves this child i care so much for. So my concern lies with the child who’s afraid of her mother. I will not fill you in unless you speak to someone there. I need to know you would be with us. Not against us. I’ve done so much more in this than most have realized. So much that production companies want to make a documentary about this. I hate my fame for this and would gladly hand it down to another victim. But I’d hate for things to not work out more than anything. This person I need you to talk to is in Idaho with you. I think he’s a reliable man and is in the perfect position to make the judgment call on anything related to Mariah. So he’s not a stranger.
Despite what’s been told to you, you may still be able to do something about your loss. And if not you’d at least be able to help save a child and let her finish her teen years with a fresh start and a semi normal life. Not be sheltered and no life. Locked away in the house, barely allowed friends and intimidated.
She deserves so much more. If you feel like reading it, here’s a writing ( ) for Mariah and I will at least die happy knowing she’s read it.
I’m a serious man. Come January things will start moving. And the more the better chance we’ll have of actually making an impact.
12 years is some time. But you can still make a better ending then with what happened to you.
Happy holidays and stay good. Good bye.
Ramona’s victims advocate – Mike

Seeing “family”

Today I saw the people that adopted me. It’s been about 3 years since I last saw them or talked to them. Prior to that about 8 years. I should be able to call them mom and dad…
But I’ve never really been apart of that family. So I don’t feel like its their right to be called that. It’s been a stressful day so far and it’s only 11:38AM.
I’ve only ever asked for their help once in my life and that turned into a disaster. Another 3 years of isolation, enduring and lonely holidays. I’m rather too independent but my issue has required conversing with them.
I could see in his eyes some sort of care. Though I still look to find a reason to believe.
I just left seeing my parents. Made the effort to hug both of them but they didn’t seem like they wanted to make the effort themselves.
Uh well… 😦

New security measures.

So because of DHD I’ve taken some old android and iPhones and am setting them up as IP cameras. I’ll be placing some connected to a 12v fence battery and a small solar panel about 7 acres away running off my neighbors wifi so I can view my front drive and surrounding area. I’ll be camouflaging them in a weatherproof housing I’m making for them to go in.

I will also be using a couple as just motion cameras on my front porch along side the other cameras I have.

What DHD is doing is checking to see if my motorcycle is in my yard. So I’ll move it around back. Leave him a Baggie on my porch with his name on it. Obtaining a small bottle of KY jelly, 1 condom and a rag.

Ooh boy, am I gonna have some fun with this old redneck cretin…. Set my traps and put the bait out.

The funny thing is. I have more than one bike. And he’s looking at the one parked in my front. So technically his senile old dumb ass could be thinking I’m home, but really out and about on another bike. Lmao….

Different lifestyles and the Internet.

The Internet and what some people’s lives revolve around.

Wasting days on finding some of the dumbest stuff online and then just “liking” it or talking about it or reporting it.

Lets give some examples.


Yea, this would make a hot topic in my life. Sure it’s funny but why waste your life searching for it?



Hmm… Yes I’ve made an achievement on Facebook! Yeah! Yeah! I’ve posted the dumbest pick…. I’ve got 3k likes! Yeah!

Lets see what else we can find.






And lets not forget what we’re teaching younger generations.


The neighborhood today.

So I am the last house on my dirt road. My road is a mile long dirt road. The cop I have issues with for most cases is the in law to the first neighbor on the road. We call that house gossip central. Where DHD (Dick Head Dozier) lives. A senile old decrepit man stuck in his old red neck boy syndrome. Thinking he can do as he pleases because he’s got a deputy in the family.

In the past 30 days DHD has (I know it’s like a bad STD) first sat in my drive watching my house. I sensed the beady lil eyes and looked out my windows to find this cretin sitting in his truck nose in my drive and probably attempting to use a monocular or binocular with his cataract ego crusted eyes at something in my yard or to see if I was home.

Then today on the 12th of December around 3:07pm I sensed those very egotistical eyes again and looked out my window to unveil his pos s10 turning around in my drive and hesitating to execute his maneuvers.

Now this is the guy that’s cut animal heads off and thrown them in my yard. Tipped a motorcycle over of mine and beat up the tank with a towel wrapped bat. And that was funny too. That night I had actually sold it to a friend and had started riding a new bike. My friend had stayed over that night so the bike was in my yard DHD thought it was still mine. So mine sat next to all this beating DHD did and came out without a scratch.

This is the guy who gets ripped off and tells everyone I did it.

He says I’m a crack baby. But I’m adopted. And he’s only met my adoptive mother. So no logic there…lol

I just wrap the animal heads in a plastic bag, set em in the sun for a bit. Unwrap them and put them in a towel and throw it back in their yard.

But in recent months DHD hasn’t been allowed in the house. He’s banned from his home and lives in a camper on the property. He verbally assaulted (as the boligerant old man he is) a federal Marshal at our airport and was concealing a firearm on federal property. In the end because his son in law is a deputy and his son was an employee at a prison here the firearms weren’t taken, from the home because the son wouldn’t give them up. The negotiation came down to dozier not allowed back in the house…. Ever….

I’ll continue this stuff later. Maybe post some pics of this old man. I’ve been meaning to setup a camera….